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How he wears: A singlet (in 6 ways)

The much anticipated sequel to “How I wear: A Cocktail dress (in 6 ways).

This is why we’re married….

He’ll do anything to make me laugh …



My 7 minute makeup face

I love makeup. It’s fun to play with (when you have the time) but if you’re anything like me and have to juggle your job (milking cows), children, travel time to appointments (30-45 mins for us) and plenty of other committments – you soon learn you need to master a basic “go to” face.

Ladies and not ideally Gents… I therefore give you my 7 minute supermarket, music practice, running errands, prayer meeting, friends are coming over last minute face.

(DISCLAIMER – I am by no means a makeup artist or professional – unless you count being a professional¬†at ‘Burnout 3’ or ‘SSX Snowboarding’ – I’m pretty great at those.)