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We’ve moved!


Hey Stud Muffins!!

Guess what! we have packed house and moved to a new farm! it is all kinds of wonderful… The best part? my Husband LOVES his new job 🙂

What I didn’t expect was that although we are a good 20 minutes closer to town, we are completely out of range for broadband so we’ve been forced offline for a solid 3 weeks (Gasp!, shock!, horror!) while we waited for satellite internet to be installed.

Drama mama! Sorry for the unexplained absence!!

So, here’s the skinny…

-I’ll be uploading videos to my beauty & lifestyle channel shortly (my laptop ALSO packed it in – I’m getting a newbie)

-I’ve got some secrets in the pipeline I’ll be sharing once I make some definite decisions… Eeeeeee!!!!

-I’m loving this new season I’m in, prepare yourselves for sharing ‘friendsies’ overload!!… I’m just so appreciative of the people in my life… I was once terribly shy, incredibly anxious, insecure & most definitely someone that purposefully only kept few close friends – as you can read here, there was a massive catalyst in my life… my eyes have been opened, I’m living in freedom! I’m living, not just existing!

So with that, I’ve missed your faces! I hope you’ve kept well, lived well and all that kind of goodness… and with that, I’ll see you soonie loonie!!





The Saturday Salute means Betty’s wagon of thrifty loot

The Saturday Salute
this week, means Thrifty finds…

Oak bedside table for Miss Lauries room:
Loves it.

Typewriter serving as an unconventional centrepiece for the table:

So many people I know HATE fake flowers. I love em. When used properly.
I mean I wouldn’t love them for valentines day.
I would love a Chandelier though.
Jar, filled with my “not in use” pearl necklaces supporting a bouquet of fake flowers:
Jar: $2
Flowers: $1 each

Some charming “Pimpernel” coasters with Australian Fauna artwork on them. (Next to the jar)
Coasters: $2

Herb garden stakes:
$1.20 each

AMAZING makes-my-heart-flutter retro wallpaper that I used as a backdrop for a 1 Corintians 13 scripture ripped out of an old book for Miss Lauries room.
Wallpaper: $2 for the roll.

These genuinely old school spotty glasses:
$1 each!!
You drop em and they DON’T BREAK!
But thats stuff from the old school for ya.
Unless you drop them together.
Or if you put a hammer to them.
Or perhaps if you drop them off a bridge onto the freeway.
Paper lanterns for Miss Lauries room:
$1 each
Patchwork quilt $5

Who needs new stuff when old stuff can be so much more you, and better, and cheaper, and can last so much longer.
Hope your Saturday was a delight.
Sometimes it takes a change in perspective to realise it was so…

♦ cause things are still beautiful 2nd time around ♦

2010: the year of organisation and discipline

Gosh when I write you down 2010, you look so futuristic and daunting.
It was only your second month in that my life changed inside and out with the arrival of our sweet Miss Laurie, and it was only six weeks after that I was glazed over watching Ellen Degeneres do that awkward thing over the coffee table when out of nowhere, I had a revelation that I don’t want to spend my twenties worried about fitting my post baby chubb into my favourite pair of jeans, or about what bits need to be tucked in and which tops consealed it all best.
After I put the Tim Tam down – I found a God given determination to make a complete lifestyle change of losing the “inbetweens” (being inbetween sizes) and just focus on living, being happy, being healthy, being a great Wife and raising my baby with a clear idea of where I want to be in life and a real knowing of who I am. Overweight isn’t who I am.
So 2010, we’re officially in your second half – a truckload of hardwork and discipline brings me 13.5kgs into my 18kg goal, and I’ve armed myself with a new determination to continue our lifestyle upheaval with new ideas, heights and rewards.
Rabbit food and being sugarfree doesn’t suck as much as sucky sucks anymore – but seeing how far we – Mr Gadget and I – the Oscar worthy procrastinators have come, recharges me to finish you off 2010… and with a bang.
So, with a cold and a teething four month old, here I am, bringing my home a step closer to the more organised, creative and clutterfree ideal I’m trying to mirror in lifestyle.
One dressing table at a time.

Here’s to you realising and reaching your goals in your second leg of 2010.
It’s you who decides who you are, who you want to be…
and it’s only you that can make it happen.
Air Kisses and Love Letters always,

♦ cause things are still beautiful 2nd time around ♦