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‘Me’ time

I was so elated to have been given a whole day to myself on Monday. What a way to punch my week in the face!

I started my day like anyone else would – drawing eyebrows on my dog..


Snapping solo photobooth pics..


And of course Thrifting..


The sequinned top is one of my best thrifting purchases – except for the fact that it smells like it has been used for thirty years as a rag to sop up stale beer from the floor of the Tikipunga Tavern.


-Sequinned top thrown over random black shift dress (Paddys Markets – Sydney)

Gloves (Max Fashions)

Head piece and bracelet (Diva)


I couldn’t believe my luck finding such a cheap woodland creature vase and small porcelain sparrow – the things you can walk past without giving them much consideration!

(Temporarily using vase as a makeup brush holder)


A ‘Dumb and Dumber’ scene came to mind when I realised I found myself a ‘Samsonite’ case

A similar one on Trade Me is going for $45.00

*Winning like Charlie Sheen!*


Cute little minty (munted) typewriter

I’m in the middle of painting Evas drawers a similar shade  – so this will sit on top


A beautiful day.

I opshopped to my hearts content
I saw a movie
I bought a bunch of new, interesting and tasty things from the local healthstore
I went to the library and borrowed books
I sipped on peppermint tea
I bought myself flowers

I feel re-energised just taking some me-time. It makes me get back in touch with who I am, remembering who I am, remembering my beliefs, passions and loves and knowing that by helping myself like this, I’m enabling myself to help and inspire the others in my life (and of course those who pass through the wake)

So be inspired! Take some time for yourself, here’s a little something to get you started,


  • Get up early and watch the sunrise… it’s worth it
  • Get dressed up for no reason, set your camera on self timer and have an impromptu photoshoot
  • Eat dark chocolate in a full bath
  • Indulge in your guilty pleasure (for me that is drawing the curtains, taking the phone off the hook and curling up watching back to back Greys Anatomy)
  • Get around to actually attempting some of those D.I.Y projects you’ve pinned on Pinterest
  • Watch movies you loved as a child
  • Take a day for yourself in the big ‘city’. Explore.
  • Rearrange your personal space
  • Give yourself a $20 budget and let yourself loose in a cheap store of your choice
  • Pack a picnic and drive
  • Cook yourself a decadent meal that you would only pull out for special guests
  • Throw a blanket on the grass, watch the clouds and daydream
  • Write a letter to someone that has inspired or inspires you, tell them why they do
  • Make a video and put it on Youtube
  • Get a supermarket hair dye, a drugstore face mask, your favourite nail colour and have a spa date while watching a terribly romantic movie
  • Write a list on all the things you like about yourself, bodywise, soulwise, mindwise – journal or frame it
  • Go to a garden centre and buy some greenery for your home, bring nature indoors
  • Invest in a massage!
  • Get familiar with Etsy, buy something you don’t think you can pull off – and wear it anyway
  • Write an affirmation eg. ‘I am happy, I am blessed, I am healthy, I am joyful, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I am free…’ and recite it daily
  • Turn off all forms of social media, find a book you can barely put down, put on a pair of comfy pants, make a caramel latte and spend the day on the couch
  • Make a time capsule
  • Find a supermarket offering ‘taste tests’ and score some freebies, then go to the chemist, try the perfume and moisturising testers and walk out giggling
  • Rent a paddleboat
  • Ride a bike with a basket on the front, pick some wildflowers
  • Flick on some Michael Buble, pour a glass of red and attempt a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
  • Explore crowded places and seek out the solitary nooks and crannies, back rooms of libraries, climbing a tree to watch the crowd below…
  • Teach yourself the thriller dance
  • Learn the ins and outs of your digital camera
  • Clean out your wardrobe and donate the stuff you haven’t worn in a year to charity
  • Wake up early and go to a farmers market, listen to the live music over a hot cup of joe
  • Throw on some cat ears and make a hair beard


Take some time to make yourself a priority – you are a walking love letter that is treasured, and like all treasured things, you have to look after them!



How he wears: A singlet (in 6 ways)

The much anticipated sequel to “How I wear: A Cocktail dress (in 6 ways).

This is why we’re married….

He’ll do anything to make me laugh …


How I wear: A Cocktail dress (in 6 ways)

Cocktail dresses can be as annoying as the Briscoes lady.
You pay a decent packet of cash money for something to wear to your cousins wedding – You’ve seen Sally long legs armed with her smartphone and you immediately know she’s Instagramming and Facebooking your bizz.

Your face, your dress and the date are officially slammed into the webesphere to stay and now you know you can’t get away with wearing the same dress to your Husbands bestfriends nuptials booked in the following weekend. The next day, you hold a small ceremony and wake for the dress that fooled everybody into thinking you don’t actually spend the rest of your time in pyjamas.

R.I.P in wardrobe heaven loyal soldier that served me so well over an 8 hour period.

WELL. Let me tell you…

There is more life in that dress homeskillet!! (<— two exclamation marks even!)
This is how I bring life back into the hard to wear pieces of my wardrobe… the resurrection of a worn cocktail dress…


It’s pretty basic really. Throw something on the top half one day, throw something on the bottom half the next day… 🙂


Treehouse Tuesday

By jolly jumbos,

The last two days have been tougher than a $2 steak. So this post is for Tuesday.
My placid, perfect, voice box on mute baby has turned into the female version of Ty Pennington and Ryan Seacrest combined. With PMS.
I think it could be the thing they call teething, but more likely she has realised I’ve got a new laptop so is experimenting with tantrums that are of manipulating roots. Babies are so smart, I swear. When you’re not looking they’re they’re giving the middle finger curtosy and delving in the stockmarket.
You are none the wiser cause they’re just so cute.
I’m looking right through you and those eyes like the ocean Miss Laurie…

Anyway, I’ve managed to finally send a post into the internet stratosphere, and even worked out how to use the webcam… and so did Mr Gadget…

Oscar worthy performances. Almost the same caliber of LiLo in court the other day. Almost.

If you go down to the woods today…. you might find a treehouse

Oh and I prematurely ripped up some carrots. My bad.


Polkadot dress – glassons

Sequinned top – vintage

Cardi – thrift

Scarf – thrift

Black opaque stockings – farmers

Black shoes – vintage

Polaroid Camera – vintage

Well, happy Friday for tomorrow, tell your Mum you love her and that you appreciate the sacrifices she has made for you through the years. Mums are silent sufferers and deserve the recognition.

L♥ve lots,


♦ cause things are still beautiful 2nd time around ♦

The Saturday Salute

Happy Saturday!
Today was a bucketful of boring.
Little Miss Laurie (4 months) woke the house up with high pitched screaming and laughing at 6am as usual.
Mr Gadget and I watched the “Come dine with me” marathon in our delectable sock slippers – ohmygosh those things…. let me tell you they are so warm and just yummy on the toes that if they were food I’d eat them and regurgitate them then eat them and regurgitate them over and over again… AND! theyre vintage.
Heck yes son. Heck yes.

As Mr Gadget is working this weekend and we live out in “the sticks”, my day planner was as empty as…. uh…. something empty. My highlight was taking the DVD’s back. Such proactiveness. Oh! and I also bought an Onion and pretended to be Haley Williams in the car. I was pretty close. Come to think of it, you would have completely mistaken me for her.

Black and white trimmed blazer ~ vintage
Dark blue silk blouse ~ vintage
White cutoffs ~ lee
Red opaque stockings ~ farmers
Red heels ~ mollini

Sequinned diamante pocket clip ~ diva
Cameo ring ~ vintage
Silver studs ~ dotti

Oh this was a slice of interesting… heres what was on the menu for lunchies:

Bacon, cheese and onion wholemeal muffins. Proverbs 31 here I come…

Here’s me deciding to “live a little” with a bit of lime in my Coke Zero and serving it up in one of my newly acquired beautiful vintage wine glasses to the EXTREME! – I put a regular wine glass next to it for comparison. I wonder how big of a wine someone like “Goliath” would need. I have a few Aunties that I’m sure would claw their way to the front of the line to get one in his size.

Anyway – that is my Saturday salute… hopefully Snack-food-Sunday might be a bit more than a creative fart.

Loved you and see you then.

♦ cause things are still beautiful 2nd time around ♦

The Jewellery Heist : Bracelet Edition


Anyone that knows me well, know that I have a mac daddy surplus of costume jewellery and accessories, (they also know I will hold a fork to the neck if any of it goes missing) and because one of my main TORMENTS is clutter, it was time for a sort out.



You can’t really see but everything is organised and bound with ribbon according to its colour palate as I find that I usually select accessories by how it either pops or clashes with my outfit. The whole thing can now slide easily under my bed so I can finally free up my dressing table for all the amazing floral arrangements my romantic husband INSISTS on buying me. *coughcough*.

What I used:

♥ 1960’s suitcase – vintage
♥ “Oust 2 in 1” to get the Granpa smell out of it – my own
♥ Pretty floral fabric to line the bottom – vintage
♥ A collection of small plates, saucers, platters to sit the bracelts on – my own
♥ Ribbon to bind the bracelets together – my own
♥ Pages from an old hymn book, various clippings, postcards, stamps and pictures to stick to the inner lid – my own

Total = $10
Time for a hootenanny.

♦ cause things are still beautiful 2nd time around ♦