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We’ve moved!


Hey Stud Muffins!!

Guess what! we have packed house and moved to a new farm! it is all kinds of wonderful… The best part? my Husband LOVES his new job 🙂

What I didn’t expect was that although we are a good 20 minutes closer to town, we are completely out of range for broadband so we’ve been forced offline for a solid 3 weeks (Gasp!, shock!, horror!) while we waited for satellite internet to be installed.

Drama mama! Sorry for the unexplained absence!!

So, here’s the skinny…

-I’ll be uploading videos to my beauty & lifestyle channel shortly (my laptop ALSO packed it in – I’m getting a newbie)

-I’ve got some secrets in the pipeline I’ll be sharing once I make some definite decisions… Eeeeeee!!!!

-I’m loving this new season I’m in, prepare yourselves for sharing ‘friendsies’ overload!!… I’m just so appreciative of the people in my life… I was once terribly shy, incredibly anxious, insecure & most definitely someone that purposefully only kept few close friends – as you can read here, there was a massive catalyst in my life… my eyes have been opened, I’m living in freedom! I’m living, not just existing!

So with that, I’ve missed your faces! I hope you’ve kept well, lived well and all that kind of goodness… and with that, I’ll see you soonie loonie!!





Dear Miss Laurie – February 2013


Dear Eva aka. Miss Laurie,


Ten days ago you turned 3.

We woke you up, told you that you were no longer two and you practically said, “I think that’s pretty good. Three.” As if you had come to terms with it, had analyzed it and decided it was something you could live with. You accepted the idea of your age like it was the best interest rate your mortgage broker could get you.

Your locks are golden, your legs are long, you’ve obtained purple glasses and you lied to the checkout woman at Countdown by saying I farted, when I DIDN’T! that was an outright LIE Eva! The worst thing is EVERYONE believes three year olds, they’re as honest as the day is long. Except you in this moment, when you proved to me that you’re gonna make a great Lawyer one day.

Today is my birthday and within the first 10 minutes of waking you screamed “Herpy burrday Mummy” in 5 different ways, it was beautiful. I love how the veins on the side of your head throb and the earth shifts in orbit with such joyful exertion.

Right now you are yelling “NO DADDY!, MUMMYS HOLY!” – it doesn’t make sense, but it doesn’t have to. You’re a fighter babe, I can see you fighting for justice in that courtroom already. My early retirement ticket…

It delights my heart when I watch just how much you want to be like me, we have to do our hair and nails TOGETHER. But even more so, how much the idea of wearing a dress is like someone telling you they’re gonna shout you a 10 day all expenses paid trip to Disneyland. The joy in your eyes is like you have just ‘seen’ for the first time after being blind your whole life.

Everyone that knows you, knows you dance. Our biggest joy is encouraging you to be your “Lively” self. Sundays are so much more fun with you in our lives, Worship is a dance party to you. I’ll be lying if I say it doesn’t make me emotional watching you.
I can imagine revival coming from the babies… with little people like you dancing and over throwing environments and atmospheres with your simple joy and love – we won’t have to teach you to change your thinking… we just need to teach you from day one to live in fullness… to keep doing what you’re doing and knowing that what anyone else thinks of YOU (especially in the midst of your Worship) is none of YOUR business. To live everyday walking hand in hand with your Papa in heaven, however that looks. ‘However that looks’.

6 things I’ve so far learned in my 20’s:

  1. Money is important but not the end goal. Keep your hands open, one that gives and one that receives…Your Daddy and I are believers in the idea that giving isn’t ‘giving’ until you feel it… it’ll amaze you to see how much you are blessed when you bless others.
  2. Compare negative words or thoughts with your own truth. They won’t measure up, so don’t believe them, delete them from the memory bank.
  3. A flourishing garden of friends is better than a weed ridden bunch… keep your circle open because everyone needs friends… nurture the quality and rid the weeds.
  4. Sunscreen is underestimated. Slop that stuff on like it’s mayonnaise and you are the bread. Wrinkles are cool when you earn them with age, not with sun damage. As much as Melanoma sounds like a tropical fruit, it is something to beware of… just like poppy seeds on bagels.
  5. Embrace your body, work with what you’ve got… trust me, the sooner you accept that you and every other person are different in looks, shape, weight – the more time you’ll have to be happy and the more time you’ll have for the things that matter.
  6. The best ever investment you could make is the investment into your relationship with God. It will never give you a bad return. Think about it, the more time you spend with someone, the more you begin to learn about them. The more deposits you put into a good investment, the more it has benefits. The more you sow into something, the more you reap.
    This isn’t a ‘works’ thing, as in you look at it like ‘I need to do stuff to get to know God more’ – no… stay away from that train of thought.
    Going deeper in your relationship (with anyone), there is a natural overflow of doing things because of your love for them… I love your Daddy, it’s natural to tell people how much of an awesome guy he is, because I love him… because being with him blesses me…. the same with our heavenly Father. Sow in to your relationship, let that overflow happen, if people are uncomfortable with you stepping out in such ways, don’t be discouraged, just be glad you’re doing something and ‘catching that bus’. (That’s another blog post all together). Pray for the ones who stare. That they will find freedom and liberation too… even if it comes by watching you walk in it. You don’t need anyone elses permission to ‘step out’.

My little Miss Laurie, you’re so girly but so tough. This morning you were break dancing on your colouring book, lost footing and scored some mean carpet burn on the back of your thigh, you flinched, and then shrugged like it was no big deal, just a little flesh wound. And then you reminded us about that one time you crashed your helicopter in ‘Nam. You’re so cool, you’re like those cool guys that don’t look back at explosions. You are my favourite person. Your dad is also my favourite person. I checked the ‘New Zealand Constitution’ and the Bible and there isn’t a single word in there about it being illegal or immoral to have multiple favorites. But you are, you’re my favourite person.

I love how you wake me up in the morning and ask me to sing songs about Icecream and flowers. I love how you sing me songs about Milo drinks and dresses. How you blame your own farts on others. How you want to help me with everything. How you camp out in stealth mode, waiting for the very moment your dad or myself  walk over to sit on the couch, only to ambush us and launch your long Dutch/Maori body on to the very seat we were about to sit in like you we’re throwing yourself on to a grenade Bruno Mars style. How you say ‘Hi’ to EVERYONE. How you call every older woman with grey hair “Grandma”.  I cannot contain your spirit, not that I would want to. But watching you maneuver through life makes me think you are on to something….

You make me feel like I’m doing something right.

I love you forever Eva Laurie, you make me smile everyday.



Happy 29th Birthday to Daddy from Eva


By Eva, recorded before her 3rd birthday

My Daddy’s name is NEENIL


He weighs 3 KG

Today he turns 5

His hair colour is YELLOW & BROWN

His eyes are GREEN

His favourite TV shows are DIEGO & BUBBLE

He likes to go ON THE BIKE

His favourite food is MY TOAST & CAKE

His favourite drink is JUICE


I love it when my daddy HOLDS MY HAND

My favourite thing about daddy is DANCING WITH HIM

How he wears: A singlet (in 6 ways)

The much anticipated sequel to “How I wear: A Cocktail dress (in 6 ways).

This is why we’re married….

He’ll do anything to make me laugh …


sweet something escapades

there’s something sweet about little weekend escapades.

to escape the hustle and bustle of life with your most loved.

our destination was the heart of vineyard country… at an amazing beach house in Campbells Bay…Warkworth.

red wine. zero cellphone coverage. our own individual sky tv decoders. plush, cozy and romantic couches… (big enough for ALL THREE OF US to lie and snuggle up on). olive trees. waking to the sweet sounds of birdsong.

a pure dream.

♥ playgrounds

♥ spa baths

♥ beautiful things

♥ books

♥ black &white movies

♥ fairy lights

♥ exploring

♥ orchard raiding

♥ my loves

♥ art galleries

♥ returning to old stomping grounds

♥ soft boiled eggs and marmite soldiers

♥ vintage tapestry piano seats

♥ finding unused notebooks!! WINNING!!

♥ precious baby and daddy moments

my happily ever after…

♦ cause things are still beautiful 2nd time around ♦

One of the many reasons it’s easy to love Mr Gadget

One of the many reasons it’s easy to love Mr Gadget.

Mr Gadget wrote me a letter before we met and read it aloud to me for the first time infront of 130 people at our Wedding reception (all together now, awwwww).

It reads,


Dear girl of my dreams.

If/When we finally meet, and in Gods grace, walk down the aisle together, please note that you have made me the happiest man alive!
I write this letter to no particular girl in mind and although I may have fleeting crushes before we meet, know this letter is souly for you.

It has been written on the desk I have prepared many sermons on, in a room where I have communed with God, in a place where I have so far felt the closest to God… India.

I write this letter not to impress your family, but I write it as a promise and dedication to you and you alone.

Though I may have crushes, I promise not to act on them unless the crush I have is for you, and that God gives me the green light.

I am not the most patient man in the world, but with Gods help I will wait for his guidance.

Though my testimony tells I have not lived a completely pure life, I pray forgiveness from you and dedicate myself completely to you. Hands down. No questions asked.

Though I may not know who you are yet, I formally promise and dedicate my life, body and love to you and you alone.

I promise to never expect you to do anything above your abilities and giftings, but I do promise to push you to achieve goals you have set for yourself and your dreams as I believe all dreams are achievable.

I promise to never bring you down or criticise you in public and before friends, rather I will do my best to lift you up and support you always in public and home.

I promise to try to never run off on some wild idea that pops into my head which isnt feizable without consulting you (note: “try”).

I promise to always protect you, no matter how unlikely my success might be. If you are taken from me (save the Lord Jesus) I will track you down and find you and be your knight in shining armour.

I promise from now to regularly pray for you and believe in faith that God is answering me.

I promise to try to put much thought into everything we put our hands to (note: “try”).

I promise the only thing that will take me away from you is death.

I promise to lead our family in Godly and honourable ways and when I blow it, I promise I will be humble and start again.

Finally and above all, I promise to you that God is the head of our household and Him alone we will follow.

When times are tough we will turn to our Father in Heaven for our daily bread, and seek His ways in all things.

Though I’m far from perfect, I will love you always and be committed always because you are the girl of my dreams.

Whatever need you have, ask and I’ll do my very best to provide.

Since this letter is rather deep and meaningful, I must add a little humour to make your most beautiful asset shine, your smile.

I promise not to wait until Christmas and birthdays before I change my wardrobe of underwear and socks, when they wear out, I will humble myself and go shopping for replacements.

I am yours always, from now – until eternity.

With love, admiration, adoration and genuine awe,

Mr Gadget.”

Other than the place that my identity and hope can be found, Mr Gadget is the best thing about me.

When you faithfully pray for Gods best and His will in your life,
all things are attainable and the answers profoundly exceed your understanding of love…

♦ cause things are still beautiful 2nd time around ♦