Guess what I did?


Hey everyone! come see what I did!…

I launched my own YouTube channel!

Over there I’ll be uploading videos on my interpretation on beauty / style / lifestyle things…
If you are that way inclined, have a look see!
If there is anything in particular you’d like me to upload, let me know! πŸ™‚

Have a lovely weekend! xx



15 thoughts on “Guess what I did?

  1. onethousandsingledays

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    I have this friend in my homeland called Liz. She’s this different, sassy, bold, shining thing. She milks cows in the mornings in rural New Zealand then changes out of her gumboots and puts on vintage heels, puts flowers in her hair and does things like go to New York City alone just because.
    Liz has a blog and has just launched her own YouTube channel. As my followers are well aware, I don’t usually share the work of others on this site, but she is very share-able.
    I love this girl. You will too.

  2. Tania

    Yes, yes, yes! Love it! I would like to see the 7min make-up face Live on video. Can you do that? Also, I want to know how you groom your perfect eyebrows (if you do it yourself that is), and I’d love to see some videos on how to find the random pieces you find and how you work out how to put them together into an outfit. Okay, thanks, bye!

    1. sheexceedsrubies Post author

      Love these ideas Tans! I’ll do all of them! (Yes I do my own brows haha) yay!! I’ll start with the 7 min routine πŸ™‚ thanks so much for the comment and ideas! Xx

  3. FaerySarah

    I have always wanted to do this! BUT my hubby won’t let me. yup. parter pooper. he’s too worried I’ll be too ‘out there’ and that i’m not bullet proof enough for any negative responses.

    so i say YAY and good luck! and wow you’re lips are to die for. just saying.

    1. sheexceedsrubies Post author

      Oh really!!!
      I’d so LOVE to see you do it!
      Haha the negative comments I’m not looking forward to, but meh! I’t can roll off my invisible shield πŸ˜‰
      My lips!? Oh STOP…you are sweet!
      I love your hair… True story!

      1. FaerySarah

        haha i need that shield! i actually did a test one or two just to see…. but na.. so go you!
        you should totally have PJ on as a guest!

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