My 7 minute makeup face

I love makeup. It’s fun to play with (when you have the time) but if you’re anything like me and have to juggle your job (milking cows), children, travel time to appointments (30-45 mins for us) and plenty of other committments – you soon learn you need to master a basic “go to” face.

Ladies and not ideally Gents… I therefore give you my 7 minute supermarket, music practice, running errands, prayer meeting, friends are coming over last minute face.

(DISCLAIMER – I am by no means a makeup artist or professional – unless you count being a professional at ‘Burnout 3’ or ‘SSX Snowboarding’ – I’m pretty great at those.)



14 thoughts on “My 7 minute makeup face

  1. Leonie

    awesome post Liz! I slap on foundation and that’s about it! haha.
    Where do you get Urban Decay products?? never heard of them (or Im just sooo old!)

    1. sheexceedsrubies Post author

      haha!! thanks Leonie! You can buy it online! It’s not available here or Aussie yet… boohoo. But, I also use any Revlon or Maybelline palettes that have like four colours all in the same sort of colour family… I really love neutral colours though. 🙂

  2. jacksta_b

    what? I thought that was your real face I always see…I feel so betrayed.
    hehe…I just realized that’s probably what men around the world think the morning after the wedding!
    Thanks for the tips!

  3. traci pitman

    awww you are so clever my pipstar!! ur dad woulda loved who you are. actually your before photos luked just like your dad. omg you must work very quickly quickly to get all that done. oh and ur not preggas are you???? cos you mentioned pregga patches xoxo

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