Betty’s wagon of thrifty loot: 2

Happy Monday Dashing Doll.

I apologise for lack of entries lately – trying to juggle a home, a baby, business propositions (I’ll get to that sometime soon), friends, other fellowship commitments and a blog can be frickin chicken HARD!

I managed to steal some down time to scrounge the local oppys and a few vintage boutiques with my Mum recently.
I love her.
We have an understanding.
We are women on missions when we shop. In other words, we don’t go opshopping to talk and catch up, we don’t go opshopping to see the other try on clothes, we go opshopping to be completely self absorbed with mute-like tendencies. She goes her way, I go mine. It may appear that nothing much is going on expression wise with us both, but let me tell you, whats happening up in the head space are the goings on that can be compared to ducks feet paddling against a current. A storm is being propelled with purpose.
I totally get my retro love from her. She and my Dad were up until recently Salvation Army Officers. In 2000, they managed the Gosford Salvo store in NSW and it was from there my passion was fueled. So many treasured things so little money in my 14 year old awkard teenager pockets. I worked after school and on Saturdays so I could spend my pingas in the shop.
So here oh here is my recent oppy booty:


Silk “Flappers” dress: $3 (I bought its twin a couple years ago but for $4)

Gold plated brush and mirror set: $7
Gold clock: $6
Sequinned bag: $3
Cluster brooch: $3
Cameo and diamante brooch: $4


Wedgewood box (photo does not do it justice whatsoever): $5


MARBLES!!! Hello 1992! : $6 for the bowl


Retro 60’s candle burner – the colour is so nostalgic of the earlier era: $10

This thing has my opshoppy heart, blue leather briefcase.
It’s as heavy as an old clunker, has that leather interior of an old car smell.
The cherry on top is it is in mint condition and I found it for $30.


Mini clothesline for Miss Laurie: $3

green glass

Beautiful green glassware to be used for the family Christmas celebrations that I’ll be hosting: $20



And my new babies… Flour, Sugar, Tea, Rice containers – they are genuinely born in the 1960’s(III KNOOOOOW!)
Mmm hmm.
I’m officially on opshopping cloud fist pumpin 9!

♦ cause things are still beautiful 2nd time around ♦


10 thoughts on “Betty’s wagon of thrifty loot: 2

  1. jacksta make op shopping look so cool. I'm almost tempted. The only reason I ever go to those stored is funnily enough when we have a youth group dress up night….but I might just give it a go. I love that you and your mum do it together.

  2. Little Kiwi Chick

    Love those kitchen cannisters! And the Wedgewood trinket box… I collect old china like that, too. Just found your blog and was interested to see you live in Whangarei – that's my home town! I live way too far away now and I miss it heaps!

  3. Betty May

    THANKS lovelies – Kendall… you just made swear words to my ears! why!!Hello little kiwi chick – I reside on a dairy farm on the other side of the glamorous hikurangi swamp. Yep, swamp.I see you are in the US now! you totally went BIG on a change of place, so cool


    umm i want to steal all of these things.the little blue box looks exactly like one my mother has from her mother. and that green glassware is ridiculously amazing. love

  5. Little Kiwi Chick

    Tee hee, I just saw your reply to my message all these months later :o) We have friends that live on the other side of the Hikurangi *ahem* swamp :o) I love their view of it though! USA is pretty good but if we were back in NZ I would choose Whangarei to make my home again!


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