Life as a fortnight in pictures

Hello Treasure.
Sheesh these last couple weeks have been chocka like fat feet that overflow shoes.
I definitely have been run off my size 10 Earth grabbers and am still trying to catch up on life and sleep and quality time.
I haven’t taken as many pictures as I wouldve liked to, but heres a few to give you an idea…

Auction WINS!:



Kitchen tummy l♥ve

I made these today, they were so fresh and succulent and hot from the oven.
It was hard stopping at one… so I stopped at two.
Mr Gadget stopped at six.
Good thing theres eight more in the pantry for the morrow.

My fav ever meal. Chicken Fettucine.
I would pass up a luncheon will Rob Pattinson to eat this all over again.
Johnny Depp even. Either or. I’m not fussy.
If they were conjoined though I would possibly reconsider.
It’s their acting I like you see.
Their craft.
Such talent.
Mr Gadget understands.
He feels the same way about Jessica Alba.
It’s her acting he likes.
Her craft.
He obviously hasn’t seen “Honey”.

Pink lady slice

Chocolate Fudge Cookies & Ricotta with Spinach Wraps

Apple twists – so time consuming but so worth it

Fresh Basil Pesto – I smeared it on skinless chicken and rolled it in a cornflake crumb with coconut, chicken stock and orange zest… SO GOOD!
Happy Friday anyway Beauty – well what’s left of it.
I hope you create special memories for yourself these next two days of weekend.
Even if you have nothing planned or no money – be in the moment of the breeze on your face, the very breath you take in and the company you share.
If you do have the money though,
I wouldn’t mind a new “GUESS” bag.

L♥VE muchly


♦ cause things are still beautiful 2nd time around ♦

7 thoughts on “Life as a fortnight in pictures


    i will certainly have to try that if you would pass up a luncheon with rob pattinson. that is serious business right there! looks delicious 🙂


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