Combination fried weekend: Saturday Salute & Snack Food Sunday combined

The Saturday Salute:
Hello Starshine…
So… the week just passed has been awesome.
My parents have been living in Australia for the past 12 years, and have finally packed their bindle sticks and thumbed a ride back to the mother land…. permanently!
So I’ve been catching up on 5 years of being apart and making up for it all in cram sessions.
My little Mama (little cause she is 5″1 and I’m 5″8) and I have been doing what else but spending up a Vintage storm, and on HER dime! Eee!

Miss Laurie and I have been on the go for 5 days now and it has definitely taken its toll, I had planned to take part in Morefm’s “Bride Day Friday” where you dust off your wedding frock and give it another day of use with the bonus of being in to win a trip to Honolulu for a second honeymoon – but got hit hard with a cold and swollen glands, so that definitely takes a back seat for now – its too late for the competition BUT not too late to give my dress another whirl.
I’ll keep you posted on that one.

My Saturday was spent with family for the most part and then at home cozied up with
“Planet 51”, “Alice in Wonderland”, sleeping bags and heaters.
My ideal.
♥ Soul food… vege stirfry nom nom nom

♥ I received a cute wedding invite from my cousin – the brown paper made my heart palpitate



♥ Just gorgeous
Snack Food Sunday:

Miss Laurie did as she was told and slept till 7am – Mr Gadget allowed me to sleep in, so I awoke to the smell of a Cheese and Ham Omelette, freshly brewed Coffee and “Julie and Julia” rearing to go in the DVD player…. I ♥ that movie.

Here’s what was on offer for the rest of the day:

Mr Gadget took Miss Laurie away on an escapade to give me some time to myself (awww), and here’s what I did…. I took a photo of what’s in my bag (as you do):

Main notable contents:

  • Two Journals
  • Small book of Psalms and Proverbs
  • Smiggle pencil
  • Favourite pen
  • Loreal colour riche 862 lipstick
  • Maybelline wet diamonds Marquise Peach lipgloss
  • Revlon Craving Coral nail polish
  • Moxie tin to store vitamins
  • Bing Crosby Cassette tape – yup cassette… I roll with the nerd herd
  • A pamphlet of all the best thirft stores in Auckland
  • Geek chic hector spectors
  • Random lists of things I need to keep an eye out for while scouting thrift stores

Anyway – my computer was constipated over the weekend so Mr Gadget ended up coming home last night with an amazing surprise for me – a brand spanking new laptop fully loaded with PHOTOSHOP! III KNOOOW!

I intended for this post to be WAY more interesting but Miss Laurie, as I’m typing is screaming the foundations down, *sigh* you know how it is…..

Here’s to dreaming of a whimsical encounter today and hoping my glands shrink in size … fingers crossed


♦ cause things are still beautiful 2nd time around ♦


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