Pocket full of l♥ves

Hello Darling,
Here are my pocketful of l♥ves for the week:

♥ Gorgeous Ivy and Bouganvilia lined walkways

♥ Whimsical roadtrips

♥ Ukeleles

♥ Guitars

♥ Old radios and mens shirts

♥ Self portraits

♥ Leaving my mark in random places

♥ Rainy days spent snuggled up inside

♥ Live Bluegrass Music

♥ Spending up large at Farmers Markets

♥ Colour me coral

♥ Candelebras

♥ Grape juice in honeymoon flutes

♥ Baking

♥ Romantic picnics at our lake on the farm

♥ 50’s inspired photos

♥ Vintage dress love

♥ Flower confetti

♥ Romantic types of Chandeliers

♥ The awkward “I’m with a famous person” photo.

Well my sweets, I hope you make the most of this glorious weather.
I’ve got washing to hang, Miss Laurie to entertain and the ole Elephant in the room called exercise.
You have a beautiful day and make yourself a priority this week.
Air kisses and love letters always,

♦ cause things are still beautiful 2nd time around ♦


4 thoughts on “Pocket full of l♥ves

  1. Neen

    Ah Liz your blogs are a breath of fresh air! And might I add that you should soooooooooooo make a calender full of your beautiful photos – like seriously! I would buy them. And sell them. And make commission even!


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