Snack food Sunday

Happy Sunday my sweet!
Todays snack food Sunday consists of:
Rocket, Feta and Pumpkin Frittata
Ham, fried tomato with herbs, egg and sprinkled bacon pieces on a piece of wholemeal toast.
(I know it looks like a turd on bread, just believe me when I say it is really how babies are made. That’s some sensual eating honey!)
Fruit, cheese and cracker platter and a glass of thee ole el cheapo vino.

By golly what a beautiful day.

This weekend has been our “poor weekend” (you know the ones where you either have major billage coming up or you’ve just paid major billage SO you do the ‘responsible’ thing by not spending a cent over the ENTIRE weekend) as next week were buying three sheep for the freezers and I don’t even like lamb.
Our neighbour did have a lamb as a pet though and he was pretty cute, his name was Benny and he’d charge the sliding door trying to get in. Who knows what for, he probably recognised the woolen carpet as a long lost relative or something.
Actually he wasn’t that cute, he was pretty rabid. That froth in the corners of his mouth and his bloodshot eyes were pretty freaky.
I heard he made it into a horror movie about sheep, but who knows that could have been major bunk.

Here’s to snack food Sunday anyway lets chink chink our glasses and mugs, throw our worries to the wind and take time to appreciate another beautiful day on Gods green Earth.


Black corseted gypsy skirt – vintage
Grey pinstripe vest – vintage
Nana slippers – vintage
3/4 shirt – jeanswest
Flower headband – diva
Earrings – dotti

Loved you… but God is the one who made you and you my dear, are truely beautiful.

♦ cause things are still beautiful 2nd time around ♦


4 thoughts on “Snack food Sunday

  1. Kendyl's Place

    You always look so lovely Betty! Im loving your new blog… And Im wondering how you get pics of yourself? Does the chap take them? Or do you set it on auto on a fence post? Or maybe you taught bubba to do it?

  2. Betty May

    Thanks for the encouragement ladees!Kendyl – why thank u sista! the ole chap indeedy took them, though alot of my photos I balance the camera somewhere with the ole trusty self timer… SO needing a tripod. Bubba tried but cant hack it – she called me a photo diva. Cheeky girl.Paisley – thank u!!! Snack food Sunday is so much fun and lovely. Widge – THANKS! not alot of people "get" how cool it is 😀 and it was only FOUR BUCKS! III KNOOOOW!


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