The Saturday Salute

Happy Saturday!
Today was a bucketful of boring.
Little Miss Laurie (4 months) woke the house up with high pitched screaming and laughing at 6am as usual.
Mr Gadget and I watched the “Come dine with me” marathon in our delectable sock slippers – ohmygosh those things…. let me tell you they are so warm and just yummy on the toes that if they were food I’d eat them and regurgitate them then eat them and regurgitate them over and over again… AND! theyre vintage.
Heck yes son. Heck yes.

As Mr Gadget is working this weekend and we live out in “the sticks”, my day planner was as empty as…. uh…. something empty. My highlight was taking the DVD’s back. Such proactiveness. Oh! and I also bought an Onion and pretended to be Haley Williams in the car. I was pretty close. Come to think of it, you would have completely mistaken me for her.

Black and white trimmed blazer ~ vintage
Dark blue silk blouse ~ vintage
White cutoffs ~ lee
Red opaque stockings ~ farmers
Red heels ~ mollini

Sequinned diamante pocket clip ~ diva
Cameo ring ~ vintage
Silver studs ~ dotti

Oh this was a slice of interesting… heres what was on the menu for lunchies:

Bacon, cheese and onion wholemeal muffins. Proverbs 31 here I come…

Here’s me deciding to “live a little” with a bit of lime in my Coke Zero and serving it up in one of my newly acquired beautiful vintage wine glasses to the EXTREME! – I put a regular wine glass next to it for comparison. I wonder how big of a wine someone like “Goliath” would need. I have a few Aunties that I’m sure would claw their way to the front of the line to get one in his size.

Anyway – that is my Saturday salute… hopefully Snack-food-Sunday might be a bit more than a creative fart.

Loved you and see you then.

♦ cause things are still beautiful 2nd time around ♦

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